Group Sales

Got a Group? First Folio has the best deal in town! Groups as small as 10 qualify for a discount of 10% or more off full-priced tickets.

Got a larger group? Call us for information on additional discounts, up to 25% off each ticket, with free tickets for the group leaders.

Got a group of 40 or more? Call to schedule a special performance for your group.

Indoor Conditions - For indoor performances, seating is limited, so pre-paid reservations are required.
Outdoor Conditions -In summer we're an outdoor theater, so we always have room for more. Please make your group reservations in advance, but your final numbers aren't due until the day of the performance.

Contact Group Sales at 630-303-0309 or



What the critics say

"Shakespeare the way it ought to be!" - Chicago Sun-Times

"First Folio offers something Navy Pier can't — plenty of greenery, gentle breezes and the chance to stretch out on a blanket with family and friends while being transported to Shakespeare's otherworldly romance." - Kerry Reid-Chicago Tribune