Blithe Spirit

Written by By Noël Coward
Directed by Alison C. Vesely
Featuring Paula Scrofano, Nick Sandys, Melanie Keller, Erin Grennan, Hayley Rice, Rene Ruelas, and Ellen Cribbs
Performed February 2, 2011 ~ March 6, 2011

"Deliciously acted...count on First Folio to warm up a winter evening!" ★★★ - Daily Herald

"As Madame Arcati...Scrofano's seamless marriage of the earthy and other-worldly provides the blue print for Vesely's well-paced production."
"Sandys' vulpine good looks and impish offhand charm make him a natural for the role."
"Keller's flirtatious 'ectoplasmic manifestation' adroitly shows off Elvira's narcissism in both its beguiling and maddening aspects, while Grennan's Ruth moves quickly from bemused simmering outrage." ★★★ - Chicago Tribune

"Comedy as bone-dry as the martinis its characters are so very fond of quaffing" - Sun-Times News Group

"a scintillating comedy" - Bloomberg News


The Story

When Charles Condomine brings his new bride Ruth back to their English country home, his plan is to spend a calm summer working on his new novel. But when the daffy medium Madame Arcati holds a séance, she unwittingly conjures up the spirit of Charles’ first wife Elvira. As Charles and Madame Arcati frantically work to banish the spirit, Ruth becomes increasingly jealous of her ethereal rival and plots the specter’s destruction.

The Photos

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Nick Sandys (Charles Condomine) &
Melanie Keller (Elvira Condomine)
Nick Sandys (Charles Condomine) &
Melanie Keller (Elvira Condomine)
Nick Sandys (Charles Condomine) &
Melanie Keller (Elvira Condomine)
Nick Sandys (Charles Condomine), Melanie Keller (ElviraCondomine) & Erin Noel Grennan (Ruth Condomine)
Melanie Keller (Elvira Condomine) &
Paula Scrofano (Madame Arcati)


Photos by D. Rice