The Merry Wives of Windsor - Summer 2014

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Nick Sandys

Previews July 9, 10, 11
July 12 – August 10


For Falstaff, nothing succeeds like excess!

"An enjoyable romp!" ★★★ - Chicago Tribune

"A jolly good time!" ★★★ - Daily Herald

"A grand production in a great venue!" - Splash Magazine

"A good fun night!" Highly Recommended -

"Its true charms are allowed to shine through ... a most enjoyable experience" Recommended - NEW CITY

The Story

Shakespeare's greatest (and largest) comic character, Sir John Falstaff, was too huge to be contained by his original appearance in Henry IV. Short on money, the rotund Falstaff sets out on a quest to seduce not just one, but two wealthy married women…who then decide to turn the tables on Falstaff and teach him a lesson in fidelity and honesty.


The Photos

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Nico Fernandez, Christian Gray, Caroline Kingsley, Sara Costello, Alex Dematralis
Robert Allan Smith, Victor Holstein, Michael Mulhearn, Bill Chamberlain, Steve Peebles, Mark Hespen, Nico Fernandez, Christian Gray
Joe Foust, Brian McCartney
Lydia Berger Gray, Brian McCartney, Patrice Egleston
Lydia Berger Gray, Brian McCartney, Patrice Egleston
Meg Warner, Fred Geyer
Meg Warner, Fred Geyer


All Photos by D. Rice