Romeo and Juliet

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Nick Sandys
Featuring Christian Gray
Performed July 6, 2011 ~ August 7, 2011

"First Folio offers something Navy Pier can't — plenty of greenery, gentle breezes and the chance to stretch out on a blanket with family and friends while being transported to Shakespeare's otherworldly romance." - Chicago Tribune


The Story

Two families under a mysterious, age-old curse; children thrown together in the face of a dark fate; young men dying violently and needlessly; a strange priest dabbling with experimental drugs; a young woman haunted by visions of tombs and ghosts. This is Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, set in the Age of Romance and Revolution-amidst gorgeous poetry, brutal fights, elegant dances, where the dream of love turns into an eerie nightmare, taking the audience on a ride that hurtles them from a young woman’s bedroom to a corpse-filled tomb. With direction and fight choreography by artistic associate Nick Sandys, this tale of star-crossed lovers will chill and thrill audiences anew.