Mayslake Hall Library Venue

Situated inside the Tudor style Peabody Mansion, the library venue is a warm and intimate space. The library was originally built with performances in mind, with a raised area in front of a large baronial fireplace. We temporarily adapt it for each production, raising the stage area for better viewing of our sets and installing our own riser system. Padded chairs with arms insure your comfort. The space is accessible to those in wheelchairs with a lift that takes you directly into the mid-level of the risers. Washrooms are also fully accessible in the Retreat Wing lobby.

Unlimited free parking is available in the main lot. To reach the doors of the breezeway, simply walk the paths through the lawn next to the lot (one starts by the forest preserve info sign, the other from the far edge of the lawn) and follow it along the building. It will turn to the right, and the handicapped accessible doors will be directly in front of you.

The Seating

The library space seating is assigned the day of the performance to provide maximum comfort and access. Priority seating is given to major donors and subscribers. To insure an intimate setting, the theater is limited to about 80 guests and very often sells out, so purchasing in advance highly recommended.

The Reviews

“Scenic Designer Angela Miller handsomely extends the wood-hued Tudor Revival style Peabody Estate library into an attractive London sitting room.” - The Daily Herald

“First Folio occupies the formal library of the Peabody Mansion, a perfect setting for Coward and his sophisticated but silly lovers” - Spotlight